Verde Santa Fe Community Association Website


Here at Verde Santa Fe we are all about community. We hope this website will be a natural extension of the community that we live in. It is designed to be a multipurpose website that we hope you will visit often and become familiar with. We believe it will be particularly useful for our new residents.

The VSF Community website has been designed to be a place to get pertinent information about community events so that you can stay informed, get involved, and locate important resources and contact information. It is a place to learn about activities and events taking place in the close surrounding area. Most importantly, it is your place, designed specifically for you - the residents of Verde Santa Fe, to meet your needs and help you take advantage of the wonderful area you reside in. Your participation in this site is encouraged.

Whoa, where is everything?

If you need a quick tour on where everything is, just check out the map of our website! It will show you where everything is so you can create bookmarks to all of your favorite places within our website!

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